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Half Life: Alyx

25 May 2021

These days, I’m pretty skeptical about Valve. I’ve waited so long for so much, and I’ve seen so much abandoned and left behind that I try to avoid the hype surrounding them. I love Valve games, they’re free to operate however they like, and I certainly don’t believe they owe me anything, but I always take the approach of believing it when I see it when it comes to their releases. All that said, it was pretty hard not to be excited about a new Half Life game. Hype is a difficult thing: once you get swept up in it, the thing you’re waiting for needs to be everything you expect in order to pass muster.


Blade Runner

10 May 2021

I’ve read a lot of cyberpunk, but I haven’t seen many cyberpunk movies, so I took a look at the Cyberpunk Subreddit wiki’s list.


Asynchronous Film Club, February 2021

27 January 2021

Film Club in Lockdown 2 was a lot of fun, and we’re now in Lockdown 3 so it’s time to do it again. As before, no scheduled Zoom meets (but don’t let me stop you if that’s your jam) and nothing more than suggestions of interesting things to watch.


Asynchronous Film Club, November 2020

02 November 2020

It’s lockdown time again in the UK, which is making me a bit sad, and I want to do something to alleviate the pain. I don’t have a lot of time or energy, and nor do any of my friends, so it has to be something simple. For my birthday this year, my wife made me a schedule of heist films to watch week on week, and I absolutely loved it, so I thought I’d do the same for lockdown and make it public. I’d pick a theme and put together a list of 4 films, one a week, based around it. Everyone’s busy, so there’s no scheduled viewing, no scheduled discussion: just watch the film, if you like, and talk about it, if you like.


Far: Lone Sails

19 July 2020

I picked this game up on Nintendo Switch after The Computer Game Show recommended it a year or two ago, and it took a while, but I finally got round to it. It’s a short game, 2-3 hours or so, and it’s pretty simple. It is described as an “exploration adventure” game, which is definitely true, but it doesn’t tell you what makes it special - Far: Lone Sails is a game that manages to be about exploration when you can only move in one direction.