Some Quick Notes on a Wedding

2014, Dec 22    

I am, as I’m sure you can understand, a little short on time, but I wanted to jot down a few thoughts about my wedding before I vanish for a bit. I’ll start by saying that I simply can’t do it justice in words and that I am absolutely delighted with how it all went.

I want to thank everyone again. “thank you” is a phrase that unfortunately is a little one-size-fits-all in our language, I think, so you will just have to take my word for it that this is the kind of thank you that comes with the underlying knowledge of an eternal debt - I will spend my days hoping that somehow, some day, I will have the capacity to make you feel as happy as you have all made me feel this weekend. I will thank as many of you personally as I possibly can, but it will take time to get around you all.

I feel like I didn’t speak to anyone enough over the course of the weekend, so I’m very sorry if you feel like I missed you! Everyone who has been married tells me this is a standard feeling. The thing is, you’re all brilliant, and I could spend a lifetime just talking to any one of you. Just drop me a line sometime, we’ll catch up. I never have any emails to reply to and I’d love to know how you’re doing.

Finally a few notes on specifics that are important: the readings were Wedding Poem by Neil Gaiman and a passage from Are You Dave Gorman? by Dave Gorman. The tables were all named after our favourite books (at least, books with reasonably short titles). The music played while we waited for Kristy can be found on Spotify here and the music for the rest of the ceremony can be found here. The entire playlist from the evening can be found here.

Our photographer was the amazing Rachel Movitz and our DJ was DJ Hammy, Who used to DJ at The Rhino in Southampton - my old stomping ground. Our cake was made by Catherine Scott, who must be some kind of wizard.