What This Blog Is Now

2014, Jun 12    

I’ve had a blog on and off since I was 16, and this incarnation of it (shrieking.net) has existed since 2002 in some form or other. Between 2007 and 2008 it was most frequently used, as my public travel diary. In 2013 Posterous closed its doors after being bought by Twitter, leaving me blogless for a while. Now, in 2014, I am writing again.

It’s hard to know what a blog is “supposed” to be these days. A big part of me feels like the blog, as a concept, is dead, and most people writing them these days are basically writing self-published magazines. That’s cool, I don’t mind that at all - in fact, I read many, on and off. I get most of my good recipes from bloggers. The problem is, I have a hard time being that focused. The online diary - the weB LOG, remember - has moved to Tumblr, where it has become a forum for reposting cool stuff you find on the internet. I don’t have a problem with that, but that’s not me either.

I don’t really keep to one topic, and I don’t post particularly short articles, and I don’t often repost (although it is bound to happen) so I am somewhere in the middle of all these things. I guess this makes me a blogger in the traditional old-school internet-homepage sense. Think Geocities, if that makes you feel better. So, this will be a meandering journey through all the things I do. In no particular order, I expect that to include music, film, board games, video games, and food. I’ll try my best to keep the tags up to date, so that if you’re only interested in one of those things, you can skip the others.

Alright? Cool.